Post-Conference – Proceedings, Photos, Slides, Audio

Thank you all attendees, speakers and sponsors who helped make the ICOLS 2013 such a success.

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 Group 2_0

Anne Amy-Klein
Ultra-stable long distance optical frequency distribution using the Internet fiber network and application to high-precision molecular spectroscopy
Slides     Audio (@ 52 minutes 3 seconds)

Warwick Bowen
Sub-diffraction limited quantum imaging of a living cell
Audio (@ 47 minutes 5 seconds)

Steven Chu
How discovery, invention and innovation in energy changed the world
Slides    Audio (@ 50 minutes)

Paul Corkum
Attosecond pulses and high harmonic spectroscopy
Audio (@ 2 minutes 5 seconds)

Scott Diddams
Optical frequency division with reduced quantum noise
Audio (@ 51 minutes 35 seconds)

Kjeld Eikema
Ramsey-comb spectroscopy
Audio (@ 45 minutes)

Joel Fajans
Spectroscopy of antihydrogen atoms
Slides     Audio (@ 45 seconds)

Rosario González-Férez
Nonadiabatic effects in long-pulse mixed-field orientation of polar molecules
Slides    Audio (@ 49 minutes 20 seconds)

Markus Greiner
A close-up of synthetic quantum matter
Slides     Audio (@ 53 minutes 10 seconds)

Theodore Hansch
Laser spectroscopy and frequency combs
Audio (@ 6 minutes 30 seconds)

Serge Haroche
Manipulating quantum fields in cavities
Audio (@ 20 seconds)

Edward Hinds
Testing fundamental physics with cold molecules
Slides     Audio (@ 3 minutes 40 seconds)

Jason Hogan
Precision atom interferometry in a 10 meter tower
Slides     Audio (@ 52 minutes, 54 seconds)

Peter Hommelhoff
Ultrashort laser oscillator pulses meet nano-structures: from attosecond physics at metal tips to dielectric laser accelerators
Audio (@ 50 minutes 40 seconds)

Masaki Hori
Two-photon laser spectroscopy of antiprotonic helium atoms and the antiproton-to-electron mass ratio
Audio (@ 8 minutes)

Ferenc Krausz
Real-time observation and control of electron motion
Slides     Audio (@ 56 seconds)

Ping Koy Lam
Gradient echo quantum memory using cold atoms
Audio (@ 10 sec)

Christian Lisdat
Comparison of Sr lattice and Yb+ single ion clocks at the 10-17 level
Audio (@ 47 minutes 15 seconds)

Mikhail Lukin
Quantum optics with nanophotonic systems
Slides     Audio (@ 1 minutes 25 seconds)

Christopher Monroe
Quantum networking with atoms and photons
Audio (@ 52 minutes)

Dave Patterson
Chiral analysis by microwaves
Audio (@ 17 seconds)

Christian Roos
Single photon recoil spectroscopy with trapped ions
Slides     Audio (@ 42 minutes 10 seconds)

Yoav Sagi
Probing local quantities in a strongly interacting Fermi gas
Slides     Audio (@ 43 minutes)

Monika Schleier-Smith
Probing collective atomic states for quantum metrology and more
Audio (@ 1 minute, 30 seconds)

Thomas Udem
Precision spectroscopy of atomic hydrogen
Slides     Audio (@ 45 seconds)

Vladan Vuletic
Strongly interacting photons
Slides     Audio (@ 54 seconds)

David Wineland
Experiments at NIST on quantum control of trapped ions
Audio (@ 3 minutes 30 seconds)

Jun Ye
Exotic quantum matter with polar molecules – a lattice spin model
Audio (@ 1 minute, 2 seconds)